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Bizarre Things Men Are Doing To Hide Hair Insecurities During The Festive Party Season

Young man checking hairline

As the holiday season approaches, many individuals find themselves amidst the hustle and bustle of festivities and social gatherings leading to heightened pressure to look your best, highlighting insecurities for many men, new figures reveal. 

The research of 2,000 men by Dense Hair Experts shows that almost 1 in 2 British men (47 per cent) feel pressured to socialise more throughout the December and New Year period than any other time of year.

With more than half of men experiencing receding hairlines, hair loss or thinning hair, 44 per cent feel their self-confidence is affected due to their hair.

But when it comes to covering up hair insecurities, men are getting creative with ways to combat and cover up their hair issues.

According to the latest findings from Dense Hair Experts, the mistletoe madness and party pandemonium seem to unveil some truly whimsical tactics employed by blokes to cloak their hair.

Top ways men are hiding hair problems include: 

  1. Shaved it all off (21%)
  2. Used hats to cover up (15%)
  3. Changed their hairstyle to something completely different (13%)
  4. Grown facial hair to distract from their hair (9%)
  5. Taking home remedies to grow hair (7%)
  6. Had a combover (5%)
  7. Used a hairpiece (4%)
  8. Used coloured spray to conceal hair loss (4%)
  9. Used animal hair growth products (3%)
  10. Worn more unusual outfits / loud clothing to distract from hair (3%)

One daring soul even confessed to resorting to two hair transplants to keep their damaged locks under wraps. 

The new research also shined a spotlight on the top pet peeves that men who are experiencing reduced hair quality have.

These include, getting a cold head in winter months or a sunburnt head in the summer (22%), people assuming they’re older than their actual age (13%), being the brunt of jokes (12%), unwanted scalp spotlight (10%), people touching their hair without asking (7%) and seeing someone who has nice hair get a dodgy haircut (6%).

The team at Dense Hair Experts are on a mission to help men regain their hair confidence and encourage others to give the gift of self-confidence to the men they love. It’s tailored solutions that not only put a halt to active hair loss but also promote regrowth and thickness while preventing further hair loss.

Tom Wilkins, co-founder of Dense Hair Experts says: “Looking at the research we’ve found that men are feeling really self-conscious about their hair and have tried loads of different ways to cover up their insecurities.

“At Dense Hair Experts we want men to feel empowered this festive season and ditch covering up hair for good, we’re offering huge discounts on our signature products to either make hair look thicker and healthier or personalised treatment spray that helps regrow hair, ideal to take away the party season stress.”