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Impulse Ignites Member Engagement with Funxtion’s Digital Solutions

Functional Zone - Nardobakken

Impulse Training Centre, a prominent chain of fitness centres in Norway, has embarked on an exciting journey with Funxtion, the trailblazers in digital fitness solutions.

Together, they have transformed their training environments into dynamic digital fitness ecosystems, engaging members no matter where they are.

Core & Flex - Pirbadet

In response to the pandemic, Impulse revolutionized its hybrid approach to fitness, propelling the industry into a new digital era.

Now, they’ve taken it a step further by integrating a comprehensive digital solution that keeps members connected 24/7, both inside and outside their facilities.

The partnership kicked off with the launch of Impulse Online, a bespoke digital training app powered by Funxtion.

This app provides an extensive range of fitness content accessible anytime, anywhere. This seamless digital coaching experience continues within Impulse clubs through Funxtion’s multi-screen and single-screen systems.

Jamie Hellier, Digital Member Engagement Manager & Team Leader Personal Training at Impulse, elaborates: “We wanted to partner with a company that would deliver a product of the very highest level of functionality, provide an unmatched visual experience for our members that sets our offer apart from local and national competition and showcases exercise demonstrations that are technically perfect in their execution. Funxtion’s multifaceted solutions enable us to tick every one of these boxes.”

By introducing Funxtion’s in-club solution, Impulse has skillfully blended digital and physical fitness. Visually engaging workout zones such as ‘Core & Flex’ and a ‘Functional Zone’ now merge the excitement of physical workouts with top-tier digital coaching.

This combination creates an environment that fosters goal achievement and satisfaction, ensuring members keep coming back for more.

Hellier adds, “Since we created zoned areas within the gym using the Funxtion in-club solution, we have seen a digital workout usage surge, leaping to 253% more digital workouts in 2024 than in 2023.

We anticipate that this will continue to rise as the group exercise timetable is linked up to our new member app.”

Funxtion’s multi-screen solutions enable small groups to train together, while single screens provide a holistic experience at recovery stations with equipment and content focused on mobility, stretching, and yoga.

This month marks a significant milestone for Impulse Training Centre as they launch Norway’s first fully digital Group Exercise schedule at their Nardobakken site, utilizing Funxtion’s multi-screen station solutions.

This innovative approach caters to a wide audience, from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Danny Woods, Chief Commercial Officer at Funxtion, comments: “The success of our partnership with Impulse is testament to the creative thinking of its team and the power of innovation within the fitness industry.

Through a combination of our digital solutions, tailored content, and a keen eye for design, they have created an unmatched member journey and experience that has rocketed their member engagement and workout usage both in and outside the bricks-and-mortar of the clubs.”

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