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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other

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Time and time again, people throw themselves into the latest exercise craze or dieting fad as a way of losing weight, without doing the mental work necessary to ensure consistent growth.

Unfortunately, that very often leads to physical burnout without any of the desired results. Or, if you do hit your targets, it’s likely you won’t be able to enjoy them for what they are. 

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You see, becoming fit and healthy isn’t just about strengthening your body; it’s very much about your mindset, too.

People think that quick fixes will be enough to help them make and sustain progress, but that really isn’t the case. 

There’s just no way that your weight will stay off if you don’t alter your approach to food and exercise. Ultimately, if you want to become healthy in the long-term, you need discipline.

That won’t be possible unless you have a positive approach to what you’re doing and gain the mental strength that will stop you from doing things you might regret. 

In other words, consistent, healthy weight loss is as much about being mindful of yourself and your choices as it is about how you move and what you eat.

Without mindfulness, you’ll continue to yo-yo through marginal weight loss and rapid weight gain, which will leave your self-esteem in tatters.  

How to Lose Weight Mindfully  

If you want to lose weight in a way that is healthy and sustainable, check out these three top tips for losing weight mindfully. 

1. Get to Know Your Lifestyle 

You might think you understand your lifestyle, but chances are you don’t know it well enough to make meaningful change. Say, for example, you skip breakfast every day.

You might think that has more to do with not being hungry so early in the day. But, when you look elsewhere, you might find that you make up for that early morning deficit in unhealthy ways. 

So, take a good look at your daily schedule and typical habits. Then, look for patterns that might be holding back your weight loss.

Once you understand where you might be making mistakes, it’s far easier to start introducing positive changes that make you feel good.  

2. Try Different Things 

There’s a lot that can be intimidating when working to lose weight, but the gym in particular has the power to cause significant anxiety.

So, if you’re thinking of joining a new gym, aim to do it in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

You could try out a few different gyms to ensure you eventually join one that’s right for you. It’s also a good idea to give classes a go, because they help to incentivise exercise and introduce people to new techniques and fun ways of working out.   

3. Give Yourself a Break 

At the end of the day, losing weight should be about feeling better in yourself so that you can get more out of life. After all, without good health, how can anyone truly enjoy all that life has to offer? 

So, remember that it’s important to put the positive first. Don’t force yourself to overdo anything just because you want to see quick results. Instead, think of all the reasons why it’s important that you keep taking steps to a healthier you. By alleviating some of the pressure and being realistic, it’s far more likely that you’ll stick at it. 

4. Working Out Your Mind and Body  

You need to work out your mind almost as much as you work out your body if you want to become your healthiest self. So, take as much time to think about your body, your lifestyle, and your journey as you do exercising and cooking up delicious and nutritious meals. 

About Helena Phil

Helena Phil is a fully accredited personal trainer and life coach who helps people transform from their best versions of themselves to their ultimate selves.

She is passionate about working with her clients to make improvements to both their bodies and minds and is an expert in health, wellness and spiritual growth.