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Unveiling Football’s Journey: Expedia’s “Travel the Beautiful Game” Report

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In the colourful tapestry of football fandom, some cities emerge as vibrant hubs pulsating with the heartbeat of the beautiful game.

Expedia, the savvy travel aficionado, has unveiled insights from its latest “Travel the Beautiful Game” report, shedding light on the fervent wanderlust driving UEFA Champions League enthusiasts.

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Dortmund’s Magnetic Pull

In the bustling realm of football travel, Dortmund stands tall as the beacon of fervour. Expedia’s findings showcase the allure of Borussia Dortmund’s famed “yellow wall,” magnetizing fans from far and wide.

With a surge of up to 260% in travel interest during pivotal fixtures, Dortmund’s aura transcends borders, captivating hearts across the globe.

Paris Saint-Germain: A Testament to Dedication

Amidst the symphony of chants and cheers, Paris Saint-Germain enthusiasts emerge as paragons of dedication.

Expedia’s data paints a vivid picture of PSG faithfuls, with their fervour igniting a 360% spike in travel searches during crucial encounters.

The City of Light becomes a pilgrimage site for football aficionados, drawn by the promise of exhilarating matches and electrifying atmospheres.

City Rivalries: Madrid and Manchester

In the labyrinthine streets of footballing rivalries, Madrid and Manchester stand as battlegrounds of passion and pride.

Real Madrid CF’s storied legacy intertwines with the fervour of visiting fans, crafting a tapestry of excitement.

Surprisingly, FC Union Berlin emerges as an unexpected protagonist, amplifying the city’s allure with a surge of 100% in travel demand.

Meanwhile, Manchester pulsates with the rhythm of the game, where the clash between tradition and modernity paints a captivating spectacle for enthusiasts worldwide.

Journey to Glory: UEFA Champions League Finals

As the curtain rises on UEFA Champions League Finals, Spanish fans emerge as seasoned voyagers, weaving tales of triumph and tribulation across the annals of football history.

Expedia’s analysis unveils a mosaic of journeys, with Spanish clubs leaving an indelible mark on the grand stage.

Real Madrid CF’s enduring legacy echoes through the corridors of time, beckoning fans to embark on a pilgrimage to witness history in the making.

Expert Insights and Local Charms

Michele Rousseau from Expedia said: “If European football fans have taught us anything this season, it’s that Dortmund and Copenhagen need adding to your travel wish list.

That yellow wall of Dortmund, along with the well-travelled fans of Real Madrid, will descend on London for this year’s Final, and nothing beats being there to experience matchday in the city.

Our Expedia study showed that fans are most looking forward to visiting the iconic Tower of London and Big Ben but also want to check out London’s foodie scene – the number one activity fans like to experience when travelling to away games.”

London Locals

With London bracing for an influx of football fans for the UEFA Champions League Final on June 1, Expedia has enlisted the help of two London locals to offer visiting fans inspiration on where to go and what to do when they visit the Capital for the final.

Ex-footballer and London local Joe Cole gives his advice on how to make the most of the footballing weekend: “I played over 50 games in the UEFA Champions League and the European away journeys were some of my favourite trips.

The focus was always on the football but occasionally we got to experience a destination like fans. Rome was a personal favourite, I travelled there with Chelsea and visited the Vatican City, the Colosseum and the food was simply incredible.”

“As a born and bred Londoner, I really think my city offers one of the best matchday experiences anywhere in Europe, so it’s great to be partnering with travel experts Expedia to offer top tips about my hometown.

“London has some of the most beautiful parks for a kick about, Regents Park is my favourite, I play padel there.

I grew up in Camden, so Camden market is also a must-visit. I love cycling around the city, there is so much to take in.

Fans need to see the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace as they are so iconic, but don’t miss the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum.”

Joe Cole’s Top 10 London Attractions:

  • Wembley stadium
  • Hyde Park
  • Regent Park
  • The O2
  • Camden Market
  • Borough Market
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace

London artist Kelly Anna is also collaborating with Expedia and has curated a special artwork and limited-edition jersey that brings to life travelling the beautiful game across Europe, all the way to London.

The artwork will be unveiled at Expedia Live’s activation at the UEFA Champions Festival in Trafalgar Square, taking place from 30 May to 2 June, with the limited-edition jerseys up for grabs during the weekend.

Kelly explains: “We’ve been on an amazing journey across Europe to the greatest footballing cities on earth, and finally arrived here in London.

From the food to the culture, to the parties, this is more than just a game, it’s moments you remember forever.

I wanted my artwork to depict all of that, and as someone who’s lived in London more than half my life, it was important to me to capture the real essence of our Capital.

Key features of the design include powerful, exaggerated figures adorned with flags, and fans watching and cheering from the sidelines.

Footballers striking out from famous football stadiums and scoring goals into the sky represent the joy that the UEFA Champions League brings to us all.

For more inspiration on where to visit in London, head to Expedia Live HERE.