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ASICS Unveils Study: Exercising Twice Weekly Bolsters Mental Wellbeing

ASICS Movement for Mind Study

ASICS reveals findings from a study gauging the impact of its bi-weekly movement regimen, originally piloted in 2021.

The 18-month investigation showcases the positive influence of the ASICS Movement for Mind initiative on mental health across the UK populace.

Participants reported marked enhancements in mental wellbeing, assessed through the globally recognized Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.

Conducted under the guidance of renowned researcher Professor Brendon Stubbs, specializing in movement and mental health, the study reaffirms the program’s efficacy.

The straightforward eight-week regimen, comprising just 30 minutes of walking or running twice a week, integrates audio sessions blending practical techniques with scientific insights, fostering a deeper connection to both body and nature.

Professor Brendon Stubbs remarked, “Our 2021 trial demonstrated the program’s favourable impact on mental wellbeing.

By extending the evaluation to a real-world setting, involving thousands, we confirm sustained benefits. This underscores the pivotal role of movement in enhancing mental health, emphasizing the value of even modest exercise.”

Gary Raucher, ASICS EMEA’s Executive Vice President, highlighted the program’s relevance amid rising stress levels, expressing optimism in its potential to promote mental wellness with minimal time investment.

ASICS Movement for Mind is an eight-week regimen featuring two 30-minute audio sessions weekly, accommodating walking or running.

Each week introduces distinct themes, curated by a panel of experts, ensuring a progressive experience accessible to all, regardless of prior fitness levels.

Uniting fundamental techniques with movement, the program incorporates breathwork, mindful activities, Sophrology, nature immersion, music, and meditation, fostering a holistic approach to mental wellbeing.

Accessible resources including expert insights and podcast sessions further enrich the program’s offerings, advocating for a harmonious relationship between mind and body.