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Eight Sleep’s Pod 4 Ultra Introduces Revolutionary Sleep Tech with Snore Detection and Increased Cooling Power

Eight Sleep Pod 4 Bed

Eight Sleep, known as the world’s first sleep fitness company, has unveiled its latest innovation—the Pod 4 Ultra.

The new generation of sleep technology features a revamped design and unique functionalities aimed at enhancing sleep quality and comfort.

Pod 4 Ultra combines signature features of the Pod technology with cutting-edge innovations to give users the most effective sleep experience possible, with improvements such as advanced snoring detection and twice the cooling power.

Enhanced Comfort and Quietness

Pod 4 underwent a complete redesign, resulting in a sleep system that is 40% quieter than its predecessor, delivering a more serene sleep environment.

This iteration combines comfort with advanced technology, ensuring that users hardly notice the presence of the Pod while it enhances their sleep.

The updated biometric tracking technology has improved capabilities, allowing it to detect snoring for up to two individuals without needing any wearables.

This feature complements the Pod’s existing tracking abilities, such as heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and sleep stages.

Dual Model Offering and Unique Features

Pod 4 is available in two models: Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra. Both models offer temperature regulation and biometric tracking, while Pod 4 Ultra includes an adjustable Base, providing additional features like snoring mitigation and adjustable body positions.

This new Base syncs with the Pod’s technology, allowing the head and feet to be adjusted for optimal comfort before and during sleep.

Snoring Mitigation and Detection

With snoring affecting nearly 41.5% of people in the UK, Pod 4 Ultra’s ability to detect and mitigate snoring is a game-changer.

Using vibrations instead of microphones, the Pod can determine the source and intensity of snoring.

When snoring is detected, the Pod 4 Ultra’s Base automatically and gently elevates the head to reduce or stop snoring, with clinical tests showing up to a 45% reduction in snoring intensity.

Advanced Biometric Sensors and Temperature Control

Pod 4 comes with a new cover designed with 36 biometric and environmental sensors, tracking heart rate, sleep stages, respiratory rate, and other metrics.

The redesigned cover uses softer materials and a slimmer profile, providing a more comfortable experience without sacrificing technology.

Pod 4 can cool to 12.5°C, offering twice the cooling power compared to previous models, ideal for hot weather conditions.

Innovative Control Features

The Pod’s new Tap-to-control feature allows users to adjust the Pod without a phone by tapping responsive sensor areas on each side of the bed.

This innovation streamlines control, offering a simple way to adjust temperature and elevation settings.

Additional Member Experience Enhancements

Eight Sleep has also introduced Autopilot 3.0, a system that customizes the Pod’s settings based on user demographics and real-time sleep patterns.

Maintenance filters are automatically delivered every six months, ensuring optimal performance of the Pod. Pod 4 also offers a 30-night trial and free returns for customer satisfaction.

Availability and Pricing

Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra are available for purchase online in various regions, including the UK, US, EU, Canada, and Australia.

Pricing starts at £2,449 for Pod 4 and £3,749 for Pod 4 Ultra. Existing Eight Sleep members can access priority upgrades.