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Dr Rangan Chatterjee to Teach BBC Maestro Course on A Blueprint For Healthy Living

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is the latest name set to join BBC Maestro’s online platform of world-class experts. His course, A Blueprint For Healthy Living, aims to help viewers take informed control of their health: improving physical well-being, optimising sleep, reducing stress and making evidence-based choices about nutrition.

Drawing on 20 years of medical practice, Rangan will share the fundamental pillars of good health and discuss how to implement simple daily steps to enhance holistic well-being.

Rangan is the presenter of BBC One’s medical documentary series Doctor in the House, resident doctor on BBC Breakfast, regular contributor to BBC Radio, host of chart-topping podcast Feel Better, Live More, and international bestselling author of The 4 Pillar Plan, Feel Better in 5, and Happy Mind, Happy Life.

Across his lessons, Rangan will delve into practical strategies for fostering a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Grounded in scientific research, advice shared throughout the course has been designed to help viewers take charge of their health through individualised lifestyle interventions.

Exercises and self-assessments within the course will help viewers develop attainable action plans to help reach their personal health goals and live an enriched life.

“Health has become overly complicated. Good health should be accessible to anyone, no matter who you are. It’s that simple. My goal with this BBC Maestro course is to provide the tools and knowledge you need to help balance all aspects of your health.

The advice I’m sharing across my lessons can, and should be, returned to time and again as your life changes and evolves. After all, healthy habits are only impactful when you stick with them, so let me show you how to make small but powerful changes to your daily routine.”

Rangan’s course on A Blueprint For Healthy Living will be available later this year via The BBC Maestro platform features a series of extended, in-depth lessons filmed in 4K with an eclectic mix of prestigious experts.

It allows participants to explore new areas of learning from the comfort of their own home. The commercial online education platform developed and operated by Maestro Media Ltd offers individual courses which can be purchased for £79, and annual subscriptions for £120.

To keep up to date with all news on Rangan’s course, sign up for the latest announcements via his BBC Maestro page or follow @bbcmaestro on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.