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An Olympian’s Return: Dame Laura Kenny Joins Team GB House for Paris 2024

Dame Laura Kenny

In a twist that’s bound to ignite the Olympic flame, Dame Laura Kenny, Britain’s most decorated female Olympian, is set to grace the stage at Team GB House during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The announcement comes as a thrill for fans and athletes alike, marking Kenny’s return to the very venue that first welcomed her as a starry-eyed competitor.

The two evenings of “An Evening with Dame Laura Kenny” are scheduled for August 1st and 4th, and they promise to be as thrilling as a well-executed birdie putt.

Tickets for all nights at the House are on sale now via

A five-time Olympic champion and seven-time world champion, Kenny will be sharing her journey in an in-depth Q&A session alongside other British sporting luminaries like Sir Chris Hoy and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, each night promising to be a testament to the relentless pursuit of sporting excellence.

The venue, Team GB House, located at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in the heart of Paris, will be open to the general public for the first time in its history, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to this year’s games.

Guests will not only get the chance to mingle with past and present Olympians but also witness history in the making with live screenings of the biggest events and medal ceremonies, all amidst the chic backdrop of one of Paris’ finest venues.

Kenny expressed her excitement, saying, “I couldn’t be happier to be heading to Team GB House at Paris 2024! It feels almost full circle for me.”

Her enthusiasm is palpable as she looks forward to meeting fans and sharing her experiences with the public.

For her, it’s more than just a return to a venue—it’s a celebration of a career that has inspired countless athletes and fans alike.

Since its inception during the London 2012 Olympics, Team GB House has served as a hub for athletes, their families, and fans, offering a unique blend of sport, entertainment, and British hospitality.

This year, the venue promises an unforgettable experience with nightly live shows hosted by sports and entertainment personalities like Nick Bright, Nicole Holliday, and Olympian Perri Shakes-Drayton.

The program includes live DJ sets, a house band, and the finest British cuisine, ensuring that each night is a celebration of both sporting prowess and cultural flair.

Tickets for all events at Team GB House are now available at, with proceeds going toward supporting the British Olympic Association’s mission to fund athletes across a variety of Olympic events.

It’s a chance not just to witness the games but to be a part of them—to celebrate, to cheer, and to share in the camaraderie that defines the Olympic spirit.

For Dame Laura Kenny and her fellow Olympians, Paris 2024 promises to be a historic event, and Team GB House stands ready to welcome them with open arms.

As the countdown to the games begins, anticipation is high for what promises to be an unforgettable summer in the City of Light.