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Europe’s Powerhouse Clubs Unite with Club Legacyz in a Memorabilia Revolution

In a groundbreaking move that is set to send shockwaves through the memorabilia and collectables industry, five of Europe’s most esteemed football clubs have teamed up with Club Legacyz, the trailblazing new brand that aims to redefine the market.

Manchester City FC, Barcelona FC, Paris Saint Germain FC, FC Bayern Munich, and S.L Benfica have all embraced Club Legacyz’s vision, sparking a monumental shift in the world of sports collectables.

Club Legacyz has wasted no time in revealing its initial product line, and it’s a lineup that will leave fans breathless.

Prepare yourselves for the unveiling of a series of limited-edition collectable posters and icons, the first of many awe-inspiring creations to grace our presence throughout the upcoming year. These exclusive items are set to set the industry ablaze, captivating the hearts of sports aficionados across the globe.

The allure of the memorabilia and collectables market is undeniable, with experts projecting its value to skyrocket to an astounding $227.2 billion by 2032.

Driven by an unwavering ambition to disrupt this lucrative realm, Club Legacyz’s founder, the visionary Balthazar Théobald-Brosseau, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking venture.

“We have harboured a burning desire to introduce an innovative range of products that will redefine the very essence of memorabilia and collectables,” declared Théobald-Brosseau.

With the top European football clubs at the centre of our inaugural launch, brace yourselves for an upcoming whirlwind of football club and player products that will grace the market in the following months, eventually expanding into a wider range of sports categories.

Club Legacyz’s ultimate mission is to create the next generation of sports collectables, tapping into the remarkable culture that reverberates throughout the world of sports”.

At the helm of this grand unveiling are illustrious figures from the realm of sports, who have rallied behind Club Legacyz, recognizing the monumental opportunity it presents for revolution.

Among these esteemed luminaries is Patrick Mouratoglou, the former coach of Serena Williams, whose involvement with Club Legacyz has ignited excitement within the sporting community.

“Sport is an incredibly powerful industry. Icons are born on the courts, pitches, and greens, etching their names indelibly in the annals of history.

By capturing these icons and expressing them through creativity and art in an utterly unique manner, we enable fans to perceive their heroes in an entirely fresh light.

That’s precisely what excites me about this project and my partnership with Club Legacyz,” proclaimed Mouratoglou, his words brimming with passion”.

The posters and icons created by Club Legacyz boast a distinctive identity tailored to each club, featuring the leading players from their respective rosters.

The likes of Erling Haaland from Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe from PSG, Jamal Musiala from Bayern Munich, and Pedri from Barcelona grace these remarkable collectables, showcasing their unrivalled prowess.

For each of the four clubs, two mesmerizing posters will be available, limited to an exclusive 100 units per design. Additionally, only 50 units of the iconic masterpieces will be released.

These icons represent a league of their own, paying homage to the legendary figures that have graced the beautiful game.

Each meticulously crafted Icon is adorned with gold embossing, a mesmerizing holographic effect, and encased in top-tier plexi casing, symbolizing the extraordinary achievements of the world’s most exceptional athletes.

Furthermore, all products come complete with a digital certificate of authenticity, thanks to the inclusion of an NFC tag, solidifying their status as the ultimate collector’s items.

Get ready, folks, for the much-anticipated posters and icons will be up for grabs starting from the 28th of June, for a limited time only.

These remarkable posters can be yours for a mere €35, while the captivating icons are available from €25. And fear not, for those seeking to elevate their treasures to the pinnacle of sophistication, framing options for the posters are available for an additional €25.

However, heed this warning: the posters and icons are in limited supply and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Waste no time, fellow enthusiasts, and secure your piece of history by visiting to make your purchase.

Excitement fills the air as Club Legacyz sets the stage for a thrilling new chapter in the world of sports collectables.

Brace yourselves, my fellow fans, for the future is now, and it’s clad in the colours of our beloved clubs. Let the games begin!