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Burnley FC Unveils World-Class PRIMAL Fitness Centre Ahead of Premier League Return

Stuart Hunt (Burnley) and Steven Rinaldi (PRIMAL)

Burnley Football Club has completed work on an impressive new fitness centre as it prepares for its exciting return to the Premier League.

Designed by top fitness experts from PRIMAL – one of the world’s fastest-growing manufacturers of premium fitness and strength equipment – the new facility is part of a wider investment strategy ahead of the new season.

The Clarets clinched the Championship title back in April when they beat rivals Middlesbrough 2-1, earning automatic promotion after a year’s absence.

The club, which has recently secured investment from American NFL legend JJ Watt, will now head back to the top flight for the 2023/24 season. 

To support the players on their journey, the new PRIMAL Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art fitness suite fully designed and kitted out by PRIMAL for optimum use by elite footballers.

Officially opened today, and located at the club’s training ground, it includes a range of strength-based equipment, cardio machines and plyometric and stretching facilities, specifically designed for athletes to improve their speed, power, agility and reaction times.

PRIMAL now has performance centres at both Burnley FC and Celtic FC and also provides equipment for a selection of other professional teams such as Rangers, Fulham, Motherwell and Chelsea Women.

Using years of experience in the strength and fitness industry, each piece of PRIMAL equipment is personally designed by founder Steven Rinaldi, using premium and innovative technology as well as the highest quality materials to ensure optimum functionality, durability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

He said: “Burnley has had an extraordinary season and we’re joining the club’s journey at an exciting time.

“Every strength and fitness space we design is expertly mapped out to create the optimum experience for the individual purpose.

Burnley is an elite sports team, competing at the highest level of football seen anywhere in the world, and we designed a space which matches the level of intensity players have to deliver on the pitch.

“Players need to be strong, but they also have to be fast. The PRIMAL Performance Centre is one of our finest yet and has everything players need to support this unique set of physical attributes.

When playing in a highly competitive sport, having the incremental edge over an opponent can make all the difference, and this fitness centre will give them just that.”

Chris Wilding, Lead Strength and Rehabilitation Coach added: “The strength, fitness and rehabilitation of our players is of the utmost importance to ensure we can compete at the highest level.

“It’s been a positive experience working alongside the PRIMAL team, as together we have tailored the gym, so it meets all our requirements, and the high standards we as a football club expect.

The new conditioning space gives us a great and much-improved environment to help our players perform to the best of their ability.”

PRIMAL is the leading commercial strength brand in the UK. The British firm is truly ground-breaking in its approach using bold thinking, extensive expertise and innovation to curate bespoke strength areas for commercial and at home gyms.

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