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New Zealand Rugby Unveil All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 Kit

All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 Kit

In a thrilling collaboration between adidas and New Zealand Rugby, the eagerly anticipated All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 kit has been unveiled today.

This remarkable ensemble, teeming with cutting-edge technological advancements, has been meticulously crafted based on the All Blacks’ invaluable insights and testing feedback, ensuring optimal performance at the highest echelons of the game.

The outcome is a resplendent jersey that boasts ergonomic side panels, specifically designed to contour the abdominal region for an impeccably snug and three-dimensional fit.

Assisting in the creation of the adidas New Zealand Rugby 2023 Rugby World Cup Kit is the visionary Fey The Wolf, an emerging luminary in the realm of Parisian street-style design.

Renowned for his ingenious and unparalleled use of the colour black, Fey The Wolf worked in close partnership with the current All Blacks players and the ingenious adidas design team to conceive a kit that reverberates with the profound significance of the New Zealand silver fern.

This emblem holds a profound cultural resonance for all New Zealanders, as well as the Māori community, symbolizing unyielding strength, resilience, and timeless power.

In an exquisite homage to both the All Blacks’ heritage and the host nation of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the jersey seamlessly intertwines the elegant contours found on the fronds in France with the resplendent silver fern design adorning the new jerseys.

This fusion is artfully printed across both the replica and on-pitch jerseys, with the fern’s outline rendered through a striking and continuous bold stroke, evoking the concept that players never truly possess the jersey but instead safeguard and pass it on to the next generation, thus creating an unbroken lineage of custodianship.

At the core of the on-pitch jersey lies an emblem composed of 14 uniquely sized ferns, each symbolizing the diversity and distinctive experiences of the current squad.

Completing this emblem, the team’s crest acts as the 15th fern, with each element inward-facing, culminating in the formation of the “USO” mark—a poignant tribute to the Samoan term for brother, a testament to the profound bond shared among the All Blacks.

Aaron Smith, the illustrious Scrum Half for the All Blacks, ecstatically exclaimed, “This year holds monumental significance for us as we embark on our quest for a fourth Rugby World Cup title in France, undoubtedly one of the most fiercely contested tournaments in living memory.

The jersey bears tremendous importance, not only for us as players but also for all New Zealanders around the globe. Therefore, being afforded the opportunity to delve into the profound meaning of the jersey and the fern with Fey The Wolf and participating in this creative process was an unequivocally unique experience.”

Hollywood sensation Jason Momoa also graced the highly anticipated launch with his undeniable presence, showcasing a mixture of admiration and respect for the sport and its dedicated athletes. 

Matt Fielding, the esteemed adidas Category Director of Field Sports, remarked, “The All Blacks stand as one of the most iconic sports teams on a global scale.

Consequently, it is an immense honour for our brand to craft and present to the world our seventh adidas All Blacks Rugby World Cup kit. As the men’s game approaches a momentous year, we eagerly anticipate introducing a novel and invigorating design to this year’s rendition.”

Fey The Wolf, the creative luminary behind the scenes, humbly shared, “There exists no jersey more iconic in the world of sports, making it an unparalleled privilege to be entrusted with the task of reimagining it for this pivotal moment.

Central to my approach was encapsulating the profound essence the fern holds for New Zealanders from all walks of life. To achieve this, I had the good fortune of spending time with members of the squad, gleaning invaluable insights.

What resonated most profoundly was the concept of guardianship—the notion that the jersey is never truly owned but rather passed on, forging an unbroken continuum.

This revelation served as the definitive launching point for my creative process, and it is a responsibility that I hold dear.”

The All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 kit showcases an on-pitch jersey reserved exclusively for the revered All Blacks players, crafted with a high-performance yarn that incorporates at least 89% recycled polyester.

As for the replica jersey, it is meticulously manufactured using continuous rolls of material bearing Fey The Wolf’s inimitable fern design.

This process guarantees that each replica jersey possesses subtle distinctions, offering ardent fans a unique and exclusive piece of New Zealand Rugby’s enduring legacy.

Furthermore, the replica jersey has been constructed entirely from 100% recycled polyester—an innovation that underscores our unwavering commitment to combating plastic waste.

Accompanying the grand unveiling is a comprehensive Leisure Collection, catering to fans’ diverse support needs, regardless of the occasion.

Spanning from training wear to comfortable loungewear, this collection, like the replica jersey, incorporates recycled materials, further solidifying our dedication to sustainability.

The partnership between adidas and the All Blacks stands as an indelible symbol of rugby union, a union that has witnessed countless iconic moments within the sport.

This represents the first kit launch since the momentous announcement earlier this year, confirming the extension of the legendary partnership between adidas and New Zealand Rugby.

The replica All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 jersey is available for purchase at a price of €90, while the training range can be acquired today within the price range of €45 to €120.

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