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adidas Unveils ‘FUSSBALLLIEBE FINALE’ Ball for UEFA EURO 2024’s Climactic Matches


In a bold move fit for the grand stage, adidas has introduced the ‘FUSSBALLLIEBE FINALE’ ball, set to star in the semi-final and final showdowns of the UEFA European Championships 2024 in Germany.

This isn’t just any football; it’s a beacon of innovation and national pride, dressed in the iconic black, red, and gold of the host nation.


Transitioning from the group stage design, the ‘Fussballliebe Finale’ ball showcases enhanced visual dynamics with sharp black wing shapes lined with vivid edges.

A striking silver base replaces the traditional white, symbolizing the precious silverware that the final contenders are vying for.

Developed in conjunction with athletes, this silver-tone is crafted to ensure optimal visibility on the field, minus any distracting glare.

Unveiled at the Home of Adidas Football in Berlin, the ball marks a first in UEFA European Championships history.

It integrates Connected Ball technology, which feeds real-time data directly to video match officials.

This fusion of AI and player positioning aids the semi-automated offside technology and supports crucial in-match decisions, enhancing the game’s integrity and dynamism.

Moreover, the ball’s design isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about performance. The innovative CTR-CORE aims to heighten accuracy and maintain perfect shape and air retention.

Complementing this is the PRECISIONSHELL with its textured polyurethane skin and uniquely designed 20-piece panel shape, all engineered to elevate aerodynamics and game precision.

Solène Störmann, Global Category Director for Football Hardware at Adidas, emphasized the significance of the design, stating, “With Germany as the sole host nation since 2016, we were inspired to infuse the ‘Fussballliebe Finale’ with the spirit of the German flag.

It’s designed not just to stand out visually but to embody the trophy itself—a symbol of high stakes and higher honours.”

As the tournament approaches its climax, Adidas not only celebrates the joy of football but also embraces a new era of technical advancements through its Connected Ball Technology.

“We’re eager to see this ball play a pivotal role in the decisive matches and wish all teams the best of luck,” added Störmann.

In a move that marries form and function, Adidas also introduced a new match ball plinth for the semi-final and final ceremonies.

Crafted by the innovative Berlin-based artists, Gonzales Haase AAS, the plinth is a geometric marvel made of anodized aluminium and shaped into a triangular prism featuring 54 triangles—each representing one of the UEFA associations.

Adidas continues its commitment to social responsibility by pledging 1% of net sales from the ‘Fussballliebe Finale’ towards Common Goal, fostering social change and inclusivity through football.

Available for €150, the ‘Fussballliebe Finale’ ball can be purchased at Adidas retail stores, selected retailers, and online.

For more details, visit or follow @adidasfootball on social media.