Who We Are

Sustain Health is a non-gender specific digital Health, Fitness and Well-Being publication, store and content studio based in the heart of the United Kingdom. 

SUSTAIN IS THE BRAND for all people who want greater control over their physical, mental and emotional lives. We produce informative and educational features to support your health journey and in doing so, embrace conversation within our communities.

We cut through the wellness noise to deliver you positive, engaging, informative content that’s based on leading expert comment and scientific research. We understand that wellness is unique to each and every one of you and it's why you’ll find approachable, applicable and actionable advice for all.

Based in the UK we bring original and reproduced content from the best health, fitness, nutrition media sources from around the World. 

Fitness holds the power to revolutionise the way we live, work, relax, look, learn and so much more. WE GIVE OUR READERS THE TOOLS they need to make their lives better through in-depth reporting, covering everything from Fitness Fashion, Exercise, Gym Clubs, health retreats, Celebrity workouts, cutting-edge gear, the latest entertainment, timely features and much much more.

Sustain Health are a team of young creators, users, and enthusiasts of health, fitness and fashion, aged between 16 - 23 and all being led by our experienced Editor who are determined on building the definitive resource for discovering fitness products and exploring the lifestyle that surround them.

If for any reason you need to contact us here at Sustain Health, please feel free to use the Contact Page.


We believe diversity – in who we are, how we tell our stories, and among the people we write for – is critical to our mission. We aim to write for, and not just about, those left out of traditional power structures; to approach stories inclusively; and to serve a diverse audience with stories that matter to them. This means including a diverse range of voices in our reporting, actively pursuing diversity in our newsroom, and listening to our readers and viewers to make sure we're as open and responsive as possible.


We endeavour to be accurate in its reporting, transparent and thorough in its sourcing, and fair and independent in its analysis. Sustain Health strives to verify and corroborate information via multiple sources whenever possible. Sustain Health grants anonymity to sources so they can provide information in the public interest without putting themselves at risk; Sustain Health does not grant anonymity to sources so they can avoid accountability for their opinions. All reporters are trained to follow our internal editorial code.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Sustain Health scours the web daily to uncover the greatest gear on the planet. We regularly link to feature products via Amazon and other online retailers.

Clicking on these links to purchase products through our site may earn Sustain Health a small percentage of the purchase price as a referral fee. The earnings derived from affiliate links allow us to continue to grow our staff, and stay true to our mission of bringing you, the reader, our favourite fitness picks on the market without having to charge our readers a membership fee to read our articles.