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Exploring 50 Ways Into Football: A New Book Unveils Careers Off the Pitch for Young Enthusiasts

50 Ways Into Football Back page

In the ever-evolving world of football, where the spotlight often shines on the players gracing the pitch, there lies an intricate web of professionals behind the scenes, each playing a crucial role in the beautiful game.

England’s very own Declan Rice and Eberechi Eze have stepped off the turf to contribute to a remarkable venture: a book tailored for young enthusiasts, unveiling the myriad of captivating careers within the football industry.

Dan and Dec - front facing with book

Titled “50 Ways Into Football,” this literary gem is no ordinary read. It serves as a beacon, guiding aspiring minds through the labyrinth of possibilities within football’s realm.

Authored by Dan Freedman, renowned for his captivating children’s series such as “Jamie Johnson” and “Unstoppable,” alongside the expertise of top-notch football lawyer Daniel Gees, this book is set to become the bible for the next generation of football aficionados.

Imagine flipping through its pages and encountering insights from over a hundred eminent figures in the game, ranging from the unsung heroes like the barber responsible for the England players’ impeccable haircuts to luminaries like Paul Barber MBE, hailed as the Premier League CEO of the year.

It’s a treasure trove of wisdom, anecdotes, and invaluable advice straight from the trenches of football’s backstage.

As the anticipation mounts for the Euros, slated to kick off on Thursday, June 13th, publishers Hachette have timed the release of “50 Ways Into Football” impeccably.

It’s a strategic move, capitalizing on the electrifying energy surrounding the tournament to ignite the passions of young dreamers and provide them with tangible pathways into the football industry.

50 Ways Cover

For those who may not find themselves donning the jersey on the pitch, fear not! This book is a roadmap, showcasing the multitude of avenues to contribute to the sport off the field.

Whether it’s delving into sports journalism, sports science, coaching, marketing, or myriad other roles, “50 Ways Into Football” leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that every football enthusiast finds their niche within the vast ecosystem of the game.

So, as the Euros beckon and the world’s gaze turns towards the thrilling spectacle on the pitch, let “50 Ways Into Football” serve as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of football enthusiasts.

With insights from the stars and the unsung heroes alike, this book is not just a guideā€”it’s a testament to the boundless opportunities awaiting those with a passion for the beautiful game.